Keshet offers a range of services to facilitate philanthropic giving, including advisory, operational, and strategic services.

Keshet’s financial tool enables a tax-effective giving, by allowing for a separation between the date on which the funds are donated to Keshet – the date on which eligibility for tax credit exists – and the decision regarding which charitable organizations to support.

Personal giving fund

  • Keshet’s infrastructure offers a convenient and easily-implemented mechanism, for establishing a personal giving fund, with no complex bureaucratic requirements.
  • Decisions on which charities to support are made at the pace and manner suited to each donor.
  • The donor can choose their own level of engagement with the grantee organizations, or can choose to make anonymous grants.

Corporate fund 

  • Keshet assists the company by providing a framework and guidance for choosing a giving strategy that matches the company’s values.
  • Keshet offers the company operational services for corporate giving, which include due diligence of the grantee organizations, making the grants, and providing periodic reports to the company.
  • Keshet can help strategize how to bridge the company grants to other initiatives, such as employee volunteering.

Family foundation 

  • Keshet accompanies the family in discussing and understanding the family processes when establishing single family or multi-generational family foundation, in order to make decisions which are consistent with the family’s values. The family foundation benefits from full back-office services, including guidance and advice in areas of giving, due-diligence on the chosen organizations, transferring the grants to such organizations, and more. Funds that are managed through Keshet’s investment options have preferential and favorable terms.

A fund for the next generation

  • Keshet makes it possible to create accounts for family members alongside the family foundation, enabling independence, learning, and a personal connection to giving.
  • Keshet offers personal and professional guidance in selecting charitable organizations, through a learning process which is personally tailored to the donor’s interests and desired level of engagement.
  • Keshet provides administrative and logistical grant management including reports from the organizations.

Legacy fund 

  • Donors benefit from including Keshet in their estate plan, designating various assets as a donation, which will be added to a personal fund in Keshet.
  • The contributed assets will become a significant and continuous giving program, in accordance with the values of the funder.

Perpetual fund – for large social organizations (endowment management)

  • Charitable organizations which are in the process of building long-term projects can separate the management of the project expenses from the organization’s ongoing operations by opening a perpetual fund at Keshet.
  • The management costs at Keshet are significantly lower than independently establishing such a fund.

Fiscal sponsorship – for family foundations

  • Keshet provides operational support for foundations making to charitable organizations in Israel.
  • Keshet’s services are tailored to the needs of each foundation, while maintaining direct contact with organizations in Israel, in a professional and efficient manner.
  • Giving grants in Israel has never been easier and more accessible for family foundations, and for the organizations they support.

Giving group 

  • Friends and family, donors with common interests can pool their donations into a customized giving group at Kehset to make a greater impact together.
  • Keshet provides guidance to the giving group, assists in formulating work processes, while pinpointing the giving values common to all group members.
  • Keshet manages the operating system for making grants to organizations for the group, including due diligence and reporting.
  • Keshet enables operational oversight for all members of the group, so that no single member of the group is responsible for the task of collecting the donations.

Investment options

Donors who are interested in growing their account can recommend that Keshet invest the funds (excluding fiscal sponsorships). The yield on the investment is tax exempt and is added to the donor’s account.

Donor portal

In addition to a professional team withextensive experience, Keshet offers an innovative technological platform providing a convenient (bilingual) interface for grant management.

We are happy to help you in considering the right channel for convenient, efficient and strategic giving. 

Keshet Donor-Advised Fund

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The information on this site should not be construed as tax or legal advice. Keshet recommends that donors consult with qualified tax advisors and lawyers who have expertise in the country from which the assets will be donated.

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