Israel grantmaking made simple and seamless

The philanthropic community’s commitment to Israel’s resilience and strength has been steadfast for generations, with countless grants made each year to thousands of institutions and nonprofit organizations, large and small.  Foundations’ professional staff are entrusted with administering these grants, a task which oftentimes involves legal, regulatory and bureaucratic hurdles – regardless of whether the foundation has a presence or professional staff in Israel.

Introducing Keshet

A simple, affordable and efficient giving vehicle – which makes giving in Israel as simple as giving to local grantees.  Keshet can walk you through setting up fiscal agency services in Israel for overseas funders.*  Keshet provides one receipt for the grant it receives, which it then allocates as donations on behalf of the funder. 

* For US foundations, Keshet is recognized as an IRC § 501(c)(3) organization and as a public charity under IRC § 509(a).

In addition, Keshet performs due diligence (if needed), grants administration, and gift agreements in Hebrew, simplifying the grantmaking process for both the funder and the recipient organization.  Keshet’s level of involvement is tailored to each foundation’s preferences, grantmaking process, and system.

For Israeli funders, Keshet is the first-ever donor-advised fund platform in Israel, offering the ease, flexibility, and incentive for Israelis to increase their giving.

Keshet was founded on the bedrock of Israel’s leading and trustworthy philanthropic support organizations – Jewish Funders Network, Committed to Give, Tel Aviv University’s Institute for Law and Philanthropy, and Forum of Foundations in Israel.  Keshet is managed by Maya Natan, founding director of Jewish Funders Network Israel, and its board of directors includes Israel’s foremost business and philanthropic leaders.

Support the same charities you do now in Israel, by making only one grant!

How does it work?

1. You make a grant directly to Keshet, for disbursement to some or all charities you wish to support in Israel.

2. You receive one receipt from Keshet for the entire amount you granted.

3. Keshet will disburse donations to one or more charities, according to your instructions.

  • All donation recipients will be vetted to ensure they are duly formed in accordance with Israeli law at the time of donation.
  • All donation agreements will be made between Keshet and your selected recipients in Hebrew.
  • Upon your instructions, donations will be distributed directly to the charities’ bank accounts within five business days.
  • A current year grant to Keshet may be disbursed to your recipients over a number of years, turning your long-term and multi-year commitments into one grant.

4. Keshet will provide you with periodic reports on grants made, investments and account balance, tailored to your foundation’s reporting requirements.

5. Professional philanthropic advisory services are also available, as needed.

Israel giving made more accessible, efficient, and affordable than ever.

For instructions on how to transfer funds to Keshet – 

One grant.   One grant agreement.   Multiple donations in Israel.

One grant.
One grant agreement.
Multiple donations in Israel.

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