Thanks to the mechanism behind Keshet’s DAF model, the process of giving in Israel has become not only more accessible and efficient, but far simpler.

Keshet’s innovative infrastructure allows for a complete separation between the decision to make a donation and the date of its actual transfer to the recipient. This enables you to receive an immediate tax credit for the full amount you give, and then decide in the years to come, when and where you’d like to allocate the funds, so they can go to support the causes closest to your heart.

Moreover, Keshet’s operating costs are lower than cost of setting up or operating your own private fund.

Private individuals, families, companies and foundations.

At Keshet, the recommendation of which Israeli organization will receive your grant is yours. 

This is your personal giving fund. 

We will check to ensure that the organization you recommend complies with Israeli regulations, and then transfer the funds accordingly.


At Keshet, you can jointly manage your family capital earmarked for donation, make decisions together with the younger generation, or establish a family fund for siblings or other family members. 

Keshet provides the ideal platform for establishing a philanthropic legacy and for educating the next generation with your social values.

  • Cash – Both Israeli currency and foreign currencies that are recognized by the Bank of Israel; cash-equivalent assets include short-term deposits in banks or other institutions; short-term government bonds.
  • Appreciated stocks – These are exempt from capital gains tax. The value of the shares to be donated will be determined upon the closing of the trading day.
  • Real Estate – After an estimate of the property value, which must be minimum 1 million shekels.
  • Collectibles and art objects – at the sole discretion of the Foundation.

Yes. For additional information, click here.

Yes. The minimum required to open an account is 50,000 shekels.

Yes, if that’s what you would like.

Keshet enables you to choose between making an anonymous grant and fully disclosing your role as donor. You can also designate your grant to be made on behalf of someone else, and to have it bear their name.

Yes. Keshet is obligated by Israeli law to act in accordance with section 46A, regarding contributions to organizations (exceptions are sometimes made, using up to 15% of the donor’s account).

You cannot recommend a grant in the following instances:

  • To specific individuals (or a grant to an organization established to benefit a specific individual in some way)
  • To political bodies – political parties or campaigns 
  • To institutions or programs in which the account owner or beneficiaries receive personal benefits, including salaries, tuition or other personal remuneration.
  • To institutions that are connected with anti-democratic or terrorist activities, or that are suspected of criminal activity.

Our professionally trained staff members will be happy to provide any assistance or consulting need. 

Keshet charges scalable administrative fees, and no more than 1% of the funds in the donor account. 

In the event that you decide to manage the funds by investing them in an investment house, Keshet will charge management fees of 0.5% of the total amount. The maximum costs therefore will not surpass 1.5% of the amount in the donor account.

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