Thanks to Keshet’s DAF vehicle, philanthropy in Israel has never been so easy, accessible, efficient and effective, with maximum, immediate tax deductions on donations while the DAF principal is invested and accrues tax exempt profits, all based on the most professional infrastructure available.

Keshet charges gradated operating fees of no more than 1% of the account, plus a 0.5% management fee charged by the investment house. This means that the maximum cost is no more than 1.5% of the fund. Keshet’s management costs are significantly lower than comparable market rates and the setup or operating costs of independent private funds.

Absolutely, we encourage it. Many donors also see the DAF as an opportunity to define the family’s value priorities and ensure the continuity of the family’s philanthropic legacy.

Yes, with Keshet you can choose to donate anonymously or with full recognition, and a donation with name recognition is certainly possible.

Yes. Keshet is bound by Israeli law, which means that the donation must be made to an organization approved under Section 46A of the Income Tax Ordinance (in exceptional cases, up to 15% of the account may be excluded). Grants to the following may not be recommended:

  • Specific individuals (or a grant to an organization, which is designated to benefit a specific individual).
  • Political entities – parties and/or political-party campaigns.
  • Organizations or programs providing a personal benefit to the owners or users of the account, including payment of tuition, salary or other personal emolument.
  • Organizations that have been linked to anti-democratic activities, acts of terror, or which have a criminal past or are the subject of criminal suspicion.

Keshet accepts contributions of:

  • Cash – Israeli shekels or foreign currency accepted by banks in Israel.
  • Cash equivalents, including short-term bank deposits or deposits in other institutions, short-term government bonds.
  • Highly liquid marketable securities.
  • Real estate, which will accepted according to the circumstances, of a minimum value of NIS 1,000,000.
  • Other assets, at Keshet’s exclusive discretion, such as non-marketable assets or collector’s items and art.