Keshet is a nonprofit public benefit corporation and Israel’s first DAF.

Our infrastructure allows donors to choose how and how often they wish to donate, while not only benefiting from unique tax advantages and low setup and management costs, but mainly – from a way of giving that is simple and accessible, and from professional services on the highest of levels.

Our services are grounded in our many years of experience and the knowledge accumulated by our founding organizations, a professional team that is extensively and profoundly acquainted with the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors, and a mechanism that helps us ensure that donations are translated into maximum impact.

Our business is supported by a board of directors that comprises leading members of Israel’s business, financial, legal and philanthropic communities, representing a wide cross-section of the diverse sectors that make up Israeli society.

Our goals:

We aspire to significantly boost philanthropy through:


External investment of tax exempt donations


Effective donation strategy management


Advice that mediates between philanthropists and nonprofits active in spheres that are close to their hearts

Board of Directors

Audit Committee

Investment Committee

Marketing Consulting

Legal Services

The Team

Supporting Funds

Moshe Greenberg