Keshet redefines philanthropy in Israel

Thanks to an outstanding professional team, a wealth of experience with the third sector and tax law changes only recently introduced in Israel, we offer donors an effective, accessible vehicle for long-term giving and social investment: the same resources, with far greater influence.

We’re happy to introduce smart philanthropy.

The need:

Third sector organizations guarantee the strength and resilience of Israeli society. Their activity serves as an insurance policy, so to speak, for the Israeli public, and in the past few decades the third sector has become a leading force in preserving justice, mutual responsibility, ethics and diversity in Israel. Although these organizations are engaged in public benefit activities, they are all based on private support provided by individuals and corporations willing to allocate funds to the furtherance of causes and values they believe in.

The tradition of giving and charity that is typical of Israeli society has led to the emergence of local philanthropy, but it is still in the stages of growth and professionalization. We are here to make sure that donations reach the right place, that giving is translated into significant influence on the ground, and that funds are managed by an organization that is experienced, trustworthy, efficient and effective.

What we do

  • Keshet Donor Advised Fund (DAF) provides a simple and effective gateway to the world of giving and philanthropy, tailoring the level of involvement to donors’ personal preferences.
  • We apply our extensive professional experience with governmental and other authorities and the third sector to take advantage of the new DAF tax regulation and grow the donor community, enlarge the scale of donations, and manage an optimal vehicle for professional Israeli philanthropy.

What are DAF (Donor-Advised Funds)?

Donor-advised funds are a tax-incentive-based philanthropic vehicle, which Keshet has “imported” to Israel. Extensive use has been made of donor-advised funds in countries where smart philanthropy is encouraged. Besides the tax advantage, donor-advised funds allow for a separation between the decision on the amount of the donation, and the decision on its destination and the date on which it is transferred.

In practice


The donor makes an irrevocable contribution of personal assets (cash, stock, real estate, etc.)


The donor receives the maximum tax benefit allowed by the tax authorities in Israel on the entire sum deposited, in the year the contribution was made


The donor decides on decision-makers, beneficiaries and advisors for their personal account at Keshet, and makes recommendations for grants at present and in the future


The donation funds are managed by investment houses according to approved criteria, and returns are fully tax exempt

Advantages to the donor

The optimal vehicle for translating donations into meaningful social impact.

Making informed donation decisions free of time pressure.

An accessible, efficient, reliable and simple vehicle that has proved itself worldwide.

Optimal establishment of intergenerational giving, ensuring continuity of the family’s philanthropic legacy.

In a year when income is high, donors can take advantage of the immediate tax benefit while allocating their donations over time.

Investment profits are fully tax exempt, so the investment principal keeps on growing.

Low setup and management costs, professional service and continuous personal attention.

Keshet Donor Advised Fund – a new concept in Israeli philanthropy